How To Fix Android Wma Audio Codec Issues

How To Fix Android Wma Audio Codec Issues

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    You may receive an error that the android audio codec is wma. There are a number of steps you can take to resolve this issue, which we will cover shortly. The main way to play the WMA version on Android is to use this dedicated VLC app. This fantastic software installs very well from Google Play and is compatible with all types of music formats including WMA.

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    “I can’t play WMA files on my Android phone. Can anyone help me?” “Why can’t I play WMA audio files on my phone? I am trying to play .wma audiobooks. It’s clear, isn’t it! How to enable playback of .wma audiobooks on the phone? WMA files? special code for this?”

    If you’re not a techie, you’re usually in exactly the same situation. WMA stands for Windows Media Audio. This name is associated with a set of audio codecs and their corresponding audio encoding formats during Microsoft’s development. It’s an amazing technology that’s part of the Windows Media Platform.

    Although the WMA format is a popular extension for mobile devices, it provides minimal compatibility. Usually, Android phones or apps do not support the WMA format by default. That’s why WMA files are playable on Android devices. To solve this problem, you can convert the WMA file to Android supported format with a professional converter. If youThough it’s a bit complicated, you can solve the problem with another solution – choose the most suitable WMA player from several Android media players. You can give us a try until the next part where we will show you how to convert WMA files to Android and share some of the best WMA players for Android.

    WMA Playback On Android After Conversion To A Compatible Format

    Can WMA files play on Android?

    Google Play Music plays Windows Media Audio (WMA) MP3 files when successfully streamed to your Google Play Music playlist. Duplicate WMA music files directly in the phone memory and on the memory card cannot be played in Google Play Music.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate is a professional and excellent audio converter. This powerful desktop platform easily and smoothly converts audio file formats to various audio formats, including songs supported by Android. What’s more, this package is built with predefined device formats like Android, Samsung, mobile phones, iOS, and therefore game console devices. It can always be very convenient to find an output format that is compatible with your device. Moreover, this program converts your videos to HD format, SD format or 3D format.

    # Step 1. Download The WMA File

    After installed, launch VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate and fully click “+” to view and download the WMA fileto your computer. You can also drag and drop the WMA file into the program. Batch conversion is supported.

    Does Samsung support WMA?

    A WMA (Windows Media Audio) track is used for music audio in Windows Media Player on a PC. Galaxy phones used to support WMA data but are no longer supported. If your Galaxy phone is a 2021 or later giant model, it supports fewer WMA files.

    Advice. This program supports the “Merge into one file” function, which allows you to combine multiple WMA files into one file supported by Android.

    # Step To. Select Output Format

    After downloading this file, the next thing you can do is click the drop-down menu of “Convert All To”, then you will see the whole format window with three categories. MP3 is widely supported by Android devices, so you can choose “MP3” outside of “Audio” category to convert WMA to MP3 with high quality. You can also click Android at the top of the Device tab, possibly other Samsung Android phones.

    android audio codec wma

    Note. Often you will set video output options such as online video encoder, frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio, video bitrate and adjust audio, as well as encoder audio, sample rate, audio quality bitrate and channels for effects.< / p >

    # Third Step. Change Output Path

    How do I convert WMA to WAV on Android?

    Step 1: Go to Convertio and check its online activity. Step 2: Click “Select Files” and find the WMA file you and your family want to convert. Step 3 Select WAV as the output format. Step 4 Click Convert to start the conversion process.

    Output directory selected by default Optional, but anyone else can select a destination folder to mark the converted file for a particular purpose. It’s better not to put the file on C-Disc.

    # Step 4. Convert WMA To Android Format

    android audio codec wma

    Once you’ve completed all of our output settings, you can now click the “Convert All” button here, which will start the conversion process. Recovery time depends on the size of your WMA files. After the modification is complete, the program will ask everyone to open the file. Now you can connect your Android device and copy the file to your phone to play it. Enjoy listening to music on your device.

    Best Wma Players For Android

    1. VLC Media Player is an open source media player that supports multiple platforms and is a great choice for playing music and videos on your watch. VLC supports almost all popular media formats such as MKV, MP4, AVI, FLAC, mov, etc. In 2012, Videolabs officially launched its VLC app for Android. After a recent update, it started supporting WMA and files well. In addition, atThe unit also supports multi-track audio and aspect ratio settings. With support for various formats, ease of drawing, and other great features, we have reached an impressive level of popularity.

    2. Poweramp was a well-known music player for Android and is still popular today. So it supports all popular and standard file formats like MP3, WAV, WMA, MP4/M4A, APE, etc. The app can scan your entire library and provide backing lyrics in seconds, and you can search for lyrics using the musiXmatch plugin. It usually offers 10 different band-optimized graphic equalizers to keep you connected. The user interface of the player should definitely be customized with different skins and therefore themes so that you can create your own styles.

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