Having Problems With Microsoft DNS Debug Logging?

Having Problems With Microsoft DNS Debug Logging?

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    If you have a microsoft DNS debug log on your computer, we hope this guide will help you. The DNS debug log provides extremely detailed data on all DNS information sent and received by DNS-like servers, as well as facts that can be gathered with small asset collection tools like Network Keep.

    Extended DNS logging and diagnostics are generally available by default in Windows in the Server® 2016 Technical Preview. This feature is also available in Windows Server® Next Year R2 if you have installed the audit and change request logging hotfix from https://support du.microsoft.com/kb/2956577.

    DNS Logging And Diagnostics

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    Har Du Problem Med Microsoft DNS-felsökningsloggning?
    ¿Tiene Problemas Con El Registro De Depuración De DNS De Microsoft?
    Vous Rencontrez Des Problèmes Avec La Journalisation De Débogage DNS De Microsoft ?
    Heeft U Problemen Met Het Loggen Van Microsoft DNS-foutopsporing?

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