Gchandel Easy Fix Solution Run-time System Communication Services

Gchandel Easy Fix Solution Run-time System Communication Services

Here are a few simple ways that can help solve the problem with the gchandel runtime system interaction services.

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    The layout is used by gchandle with a GCHandleType enumeration to create a handle corresponding to any managed object. This handle can be one of four types: Weak, WeakTrackResurrection, Normal, otherwise Pinned.


    GCHandle public value class
    GCHandle public structure
    [System.Runtime.InteropServices.Comvisible (true)]the public structure of GCHandle is gchandel
    type equals structure
    []type GCHandle = struct

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  • GCH structure descriptor



    The public usage example shows the App class, which uses the GCHandle.Alloc method to create a dea successful object scripter, preventing managed results from being collected as an object. Calling this particular EnumWindows method passes a delegate as a managed object (both declared as managed types but not shown) and represents an IntPtr handle . The raw function passes the return type to the caller as a new parameter to the callback function.

    using the system;with System.IO;with System.Threading;with System.Windows.Forms;with System.Runtime.InteropServices;with System.Security.Permissions;public use by external agencies for bool CallBack (int handle, IntPtr param);Internal static lesson NativeMethods // Pass the managed object as an LPARAM BOOL // EnumWindows(WNDENUMPROC lpEnumFunc, LPARAM lParam); [DllImport("user32.dll")] internal static external boolean EnumWindows(CallBack cb, IntPtr parameter);public application public static class break Main() Run(); [SecurityPermission(SecurityAction.Demand, UnmanagedCode means true)] static public useless Run() TextWriter tw = Console.Out; GCHandle = gch GCHandle.Alloc(tw); Callback Cewp New = Callback(CaptureEnumWindowsProc); // Call product preventprevents the delegate from getting into the garbage collector // until the end of the visit NativeMethods .EnumWindows(cewp, GCHandle.ToIntPtr(gch)); gsch.free(); private static bool Absorb, captureenumwindowsproc (intPtr parameter) GCHandle gch = GCHandle.FromIntPtr(param); TextWriter tw(TextWriter)gch=.Target; Tw .WriteLine(Handle); true ; come back toImport System.IOImports System.ThreadingImports System.Windows.FormsImports System.Runtime.InteropServicesImports System.Security.PermissionsCallBack public delegate function (handle as byval integer, parameter as byval IntPtr) as booleanNativeMethods friends module would pass the managed object as LPARAM ' BOOL EnumWindows(WNDENUMPROC lpEnumFunc, LPARAM lParam); Function Ami EnumWindows(ByVal cb As Callback ByVal, Parameter As IntPtr) As Boolean output functionoutput modulemodular application Main sub() Run() end under overflow() Dim tw As text = Console.Out editor Dim Gch as GCHandle = GCHandle. appoint (tv.) Sun cewp as a reminder cewp implies AddressOf captureenumwindowsproc "The platform gives life, will not allow the delegate to collect money "until the expiration offate of powers NativeMethods .EnumWindows(cewp, GCHandle.ToIntPtr(gch)) hh .Free() end under Function CaptureEnumWindowsProc ByVal (handle as integer, parameter ByVal as IntPtr) as boolean Dim gch As GCHandle means GCHandle.FromIntPtr(param) Dim tw As TextWriter CType(gch=.Target, TextWriter) tw.WriteLine(handle) bring back the truth output functionoutput module

    The GCHandle struct is preferably used with the GCHandleType enum to get the appropriate handle for each monitored object. This descriptor can be of four types: Weak, WeakTrackResurrection, otherwise Pinned normal,. Once a handle has been assigned to you, you can use information technology to prevent the managed object from being garbage collected by the collector when the unmanaged client contains any unique reference. Without such maintenance, the object could be disposed of by the garbage collector before it has completed its final work on behalf of the unmanaged client.

    You can also use GCHandle to finally create a pinned object that will return m gazine to prevent the target store from being moved by the garbage collector.

    If the handle is in scope, you must add it by explicitly calling Free; amount of memory, otherwise a leak may occur. When you release the handle, the pinned anchored main object is unpinned and placed on the unwanted line, unless otherwise advised.



    Get a value indicating whether a Handle is associated with it.

    Target system runtime interopservices gchandle

    Gets or units of the object that this handle represents.

    system runtime interopservices gchandle

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